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I got a notice from credit bureau of a charge off by SWISS COLONY. Thinking it was a mistake I had my wife call on it.

We were informed that I had an account using my name and social security number since 2010 with $2312.00 balance. After contacting the local Sheriff dept. for help I found out who the person was the address where they lived when opened the account and the address where they live now. Was ready to file charges against them and the Loss Prevention Dept could not produce proper invoice so we could have the person arrested.

After giving the credit for 10 years using someone else’s information. Than they let the deadbeat write a letter to take over the debt. That will never be paid. In the mean time my Credit cards were frozen when I filed the FTC report with copies to 3 major credit bureau.

For my Protection. Our Sheriff Dept says since Swiss Colony let this person charge with out my permission or knowledge and cannot produce legal documents we are out of luck. My social security number was used with the very first order, and apparently not verified by the credit department. It turned out to be a very dishonest daughter in law who’s husbands name is same as mine except he always uses a middle initial.

I have no middle initial. The way she opened the account was fraud with intention to get credit due to their poor rating. Now I am out legal fees, and loss of goods for a small seasonal business we have, and hours of worry and stress on my self and my wife. If a company can not stand behind their accounting practices and help convict a person who had bought things for 10 years in my name and using my credit they should close.

Our local sheriff Dept says SWISS COLONY Is at fault for letting it happen. It has been over 2 1/2 months the charge off is still on my credit report and my accounts are still frozen. This woman will probably try this again as she as been in trouble for the same thing before. And we are still setting here with money spent to try and fight it.

So be careful with this company and check your social security number to make

Sure they aren’t using it to give some one

Else credit. Because apparently they have no idea or care who they give credit to.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Swiss Colony Account.

Reason of review: Use and profit made for 10 years from opening a fraud account with my social security number than trying to obtain payment for unpaid invoice for.

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