In a catalog that was mailed to my home (as I get every year around the Holidays). Their catalog clearly states on about 50% of the pages "Prices include discounted shipping cost". When the merchandise I ordered arrived at my home I was charged $12.95 for shipping...
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In the latest Swiss Colony catalog 'Holiday 2018' at the top of several pages it clearly states DELIVERED PRICE "Each price already includes discounted shipping & processing". When I received the invoice with my order it had a shipping charge on it. I contacted the...
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It seems like every company now has some trick to mislead customers. Best to not purchase from them again when this happens.

I asked for the delivery on Dec. 20, to be there for my father's birthday, and they sent in September.Why sent out catalogs in September if you can not get a later delivery,They only care about making a buck. not us. The day I got the confirmation order I told them it...
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I didn't like
  • Delivery and solution

The Swiss Colony - 3.99 Charge to make a 15 dollar pmt!

I will not make an online pmt again. 3.99 for a 15.00 pmt. In fact when i pay this done with swiss colony

The Swiss Colony - So I can pay this 23 dollars that I owe ya

I just went to clear my bill for the $23.00 dollars that I had owe ya to clear my credit score ok
I ordered candy for elderly mothers birthday. I remembered she never mentioned it. I called Swiss Colony a month later, and was told it never shipped, although payment was processed immediately. The lady said she was sorry and reordered it. It was received, although...
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Someone opened an account without my knowledge, I have reported it several times and has filed a police report, filled out a identity fraud packet. They have put this info on my credit report after stating that it belongs to another person. I filed a complaint with...
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The Swiss Colony - Still havent gotten my shirt

I want my shirt so where is it at

The Swiss Colony - Identity theft

Identity stolen & items were purchased in my name. I need someone to contact about this matter. Asap!

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The Swiss Colony
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(608) 324-6000
My elderly mother has been a customer for a long time. In December 2017 she placed an order asking it to be put on her Master Card as per her usual practice. Instead The Swiss Colony opened a new credit card account for her without her understanding or express...
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The Swiss Colony Verified Representative

Hello. We take all complaints seriously and we want to make this right. All of our calls are recorded for quality purposes. Please send us an email to